Pink Waves in Ylläs

We decided to change the language. No excuses will follow. 

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a long weekend in our calendar. That means that one has to leave the house. We booked the cabin from Ylläs, threw our winter clothes and shoes into two big Ikea bags and jumped into the old but classy Toyota Corolla. 

Ylläs has become familiar to us. I think we've been there about dozen of times during last year. In the summer time we went there riding downhill (Ylläs has a Downhill Bike Park), but only once.  I fell down and started to cry, because I could not ride as well as the boys. The other time we went there to participate Ylläs triathlon competition. This time I did not cry because I swim faster and better than the boys. Normally we go there for mountain biking. Ylläs is one of the few places in Finland where you can  ride in national park. Trails are nice, and so is the view. 


Ylläs is located half an hour drive from Levi, which is maybe the most famous spot for party people here in Lapland. We rather party in the forests and on the fells, and therefore we prefer easy-going and silent Ylläs. To winter enthusiasts Ylläs offers great opportunities for hiking and backcountry riding. We also did some cross-country skiing because I had watched a documentary of Norwegian's female cross-country skiers and got inspired. 

Polar nights officially ended on 16th of January when we were there. In practice that meant that the sun rose above the horizon first time since the beginning of December. Physically it felt like I had not seen sun forever. So we hiked to the top of Kesänkitunturi to see the sun. She did not disappoint us. Up there it was only –16 celsius degrees. Down at our cabin area it had been –20. I became so happy that my previously grey face got it color back in a second.

It's amazing what a difference there is between January and December. To be honest, December is to me like one, long horror night. Terrible black season during which I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily I have Anssi to tell me that it is there. 

But January. Oh man. The day is maybe five minutes longer, but I already feel like wearing pink clothes and lipstick. In Kesänkitunturi sun made everything to look pink. Above tree level the landscape reminded me of cottoncandy. It was soft and sweet, covered with occasional bumbs of snow. 

We were lucky with temperatures. Only Sunday evening coldness made outdoor activities impossible. Those kinds of nights are good chance to do something romantic – like watch Netflix.