It Feels Good To Be... A Toddler

It Feels Good To Be... A Toddler

Hooorray and happy birthday for us! My personal Facebook feed informed me today that we launched Mukanas exactly a year ago. On same second as I whatsapped Anssi a screenshot of the Face memory, I received the same from him. 

What do they say about great minds thinking alike? It's been a pleasure!

Going through our pics made me think that how on earth have I been able to be in so many places. We have been so lucky to visit a bunch of wonderful destinations, but we have also extended our flexibility in many ways during the process. For example driving from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi has become a norm, and if distance is less than 100 km's it doesn't even count.

Also, as a lover of Finnish language it's been interesting to write in my second best – I apologise all my grammar mistakes and promise to be more careful in the future. I miss writing in Finnish, so let's see what kind of solution we'll find to the language question. 

The becoming weekend will be exceptional as we are planning to spend it here in Rovaniemi. It's first time since March when we both will be in our home city during a free weekend (maybe that's a reason why we've been able to been in so many places). Our anniversary weekend will be full of good food and, depending on the weather, some outdoor experiences. That's one thing that I've learned during the year: we live in a terrific place in many extent. In Rovaniemi you have easy access to both: five star restaurant experiences and a billion star nature's movie theatre on the top of the fell – both situated five minutes walk from our home.


So, Mukanas is at toddler age developing its cognitive, emotional and social skills. It's getting its form but the astonishing years of growth and development are still ahead. It understands something about itself but it takes a while to grow to its full capacity. 

I'm intrigued to see how things will be in year, two or three. We have wonderful plans and many ideas, but we just have to wait for the right moment to come to make them happen. Maybe we've taken our first wobbly steps already and are soon running.

Thank you followers for emerging there! You are the best. 

Suom: Lässyn lässyn läpä läpä. Niin ihana oli Mukanaksen ensimmäinen vuosi.