East From Rovaniemi: Auttiköngäs

East From Rovaniemi: Auttiköngäs

Our dear hometown is so damn big that it'll take some time before we're be able to tell you all the best places around here. We both have lived here already a decade and some corners are still undiscovered. Work under progress. 

Auttiköngäs is situated approximately 80 kilometres south-east from Rovaniemi. We've been around there a few times but never taken hike around the famous little waterfall and primeval and preserved forest around it. Short 3,5 kilometres trail makes a loop through an ancient woods, where people have been hunting deers from hunting holes back in the days. I don't get how those people have been able to make it through the winters without isolation. I wasn't able to do the little hike without two jackets. 

Rovaniemi is a central point in Lapland from where you can find a road to any point of the compass. You won't get lost easily: Sodankylä Road (Sodankyläntie) takes you north-east to Sodankylä, Kittilä Road (Kittiläntie) takes you north to Kittilä, and Kemi Road (Kemintie) takes you south-west to Kemi. Very handy.

East, however, is maybe the most "uncharacteristic" Lapland in terms of nature. Earth is more sharp and hills more steep down there than up in the north, where fells are gently-shaped and smooth. One of my fave views is along Kuusamontie, where the landscape suddenly changes from flat to cliffs covered with lush nature. 

Kuusamontie follows Kemijoki, the longest river in Finland, and passes through old villages. The riverside used to be more vivid place to live, but now all tiny grocery stores and pubs are gone. Only empty houses left. Maybe those houses that still have inhabitants are full of grannies and grandpas waiting their grandchildren to come and say hi.

When I see these kinds of places I came to think of how these people must plan their dinners days ahead because the nearest grocery store is so far. Life cannot be very whimsical in terms of eating. 

Last Saturday was misty and humid, and most of the trees had lost their colors. Add grey sky to it and find that if the premises for another adventurous day weren't unpretentious, they're at least average. We've been on the road every single weekend since March and this weekend we're supposed to do nothing. However, after a slow and long brekkie on Saturday we decided to do a little drive around. 

Staying at home feels like wasting time. 

Suom: Kävimme Auttissa kävelemässä menneisyyden metsässä, josta löytyy muun muassa oma polku koirille. Pitkokset olivat liukkaat, mutta pysyttiin pystyssä.