The Right Answer Is 17 280

In order to find out the question behind this post's title you must watch our film. 

But before you click, I'll tell you something. 

I've been running in Paris, London, New York, Bangkok and some other big cities. I like to get familiar with the cities by getting lost on their streets. It's fun and sometimes, when I get lost, its scary. 

After those runs I've washed my face and found my cotton pads black from city dust. My face sucks the dirt from city air and I guess my lungs do the same. I have came home with bad skin. Here in Arctic Circle, I obviously don't have these problems. 

To me BREATH is about attitude. A non-cynical one. It wants to show you the universal beauty of being and simplicity. They're the things I wish to hold through this new political era of anger. 

P.S. A human takes an average of twelve breaths each minute. That makes 720 breaths each hour, and 17 280 in a day. Of course if you run, you need to take more...

Suom: Muistakaa hengittää.