Mid Season Problems: How to Cope with Kaamos?

Mid Season Problems: How to Cope with Kaamos?

So long November, the month when darkness sucks you in and you feel like diving in black water somewhere in space. No voices, no light. Just slightly scary emptiness in soul, and in a fridge, because at least I've been extremely lazy to go to a grocery store.


Life is a question of a point of view, and November definitely has its sides. This year it was supposed to be used for – *fanfare* – resting. So, no running, no mountain biking, no xc-skiing, no crossfit. A few yoga practices just to make the energy flow. Otherwise: nine days of aimless wandering inside the house watching Gilmore Girl's new episodes and going through a pile of books (without reading them). 

Sometimes I've escaped abroad to avoid November, but I recently understood that I don't need to go that far, just to the top of Finland. It's slightly darker up there, but the snow situation is also better. Snow is good, it makes the landscape and soul lighter. Therefore, if you're desperately wishing snowy landscapes on early winter, start looking from Kuusamo – if I remember correctly, it's the most snowy area in Finland. It's also the first big ski center when arriving here from south. If geography doesn't limit you, go to Inari–Saariselkä area. That's where I'd like to be right now.

November is a kind of season between seasons. It's not winter yet (no xc-trails, cannot go hiking with a snowboard) but it's not autumn anymore. All trail running races are so far ahead in future, that it takes certain attitude to get motivated to go on trails. Or at least for me – Anssi, on the other hand, has been rolling with both, bike (it's his friend in the picture below) and shoes, in the forest with his new 5000 lumen headlight. I have a collection of happy-face selfies proofing how fun kaamos running can be. Or maybe he's motivated because we won a right to participate to one of Buff Trail Tour races next summer from the trail running film competition that we won. It's going to be fun!

Luckily the long-waited snow has arrived to Rovaniemi and so are tourists. Finnish starts to be a minority language in city centre of Rovaniemi. This is the best tourism year ever in here: there will be around thousand flights landing to Lapland around Christmas time. Santa and safari workers are busy, every hotel is fully booked. I wish tourists see what they come to see: auroras.

We'll spend the following night in Anssi's cabin without running water and electricity. If we catch some northern lights, we'll let you know.

Anyone else having problems finding motivation for long runs this time of year?

 Suom: Ensi yönä palelee.