Embrace the Light – Days Finally Get Longer

Embrace the Light – Days Finally Get Longer

On Tuesday we had the shortest day of the year in terms of light. The length of day was 2 hours and 15 minutes. That's so damn little! 

Today the sun came up at 11.08 and went back to sleep at 13.24 – according to my math skills we've already earned one minute, yay! It’s time to start witnessing nature’s phenomenal progress of giving herself more daylight. 

The polar nights aren’t just in the air, but in my face: I’ve deep dark circles around my eyes, my pupils are somewhere there in the middle of it. This time of year I’m very thankful to the one genius who invented make up foundations. At least I can look like a living person. Luckily, the situation is bad only in my face, and outdoors is the opposite of what I just described: It’s white and peaceful. Last weekend, thanks to the amount of snow, we’re able to open our backcountry season in Ylläs.


On Saturday we hiked to one of the best known hiking spots around there, to Pirunkuru. It’s not every year when we get to snowboard on the fells already before Christmas, but at least past two years have been good-snowe.. Ylläs belongs to the town of Äkäslompolo, and if I remember correctly, it's one of the snowiest spots here in Finnish Lapland. 

If there would have been more snow around Ylläs and its fells, I’d have liked to go and hike to the tops of its many fells. There are totally seven around Ylläs, and all of them are accessible in some way. Life goals.

However, before achieving any life goals it’s time for a little rest. We spend Christmas in west coast of Lapland, in my hometown Kemi, and more specifically, on a little island called Ajos. Funny thing, one of Lapland’s tourist attractions, icebreaker Sampo, is parked at the Ajos harbour, but I’ve never taken a ride with it. Though I know a couple of children who played hide and seek in its engine room twenty-something years ago …

Suom: Ajos – luonto karua ja ihmiset yksinkertaisia.