My Corners

I'm certainly not a runner. I don't even love running, but i'd like to. My body is not made for running. I'm too heavy and too felxible and I look silly when I run. 


Why can animals run long distances? Where does all that endurance come from? Why don't foxes have knee problems? Why don't rabbits need energy bars? 

I'd like to think I'm able to run long distances if I do things right. This time my running philosophy is to run as little as possible to get the best results. I don't want to do anything unnecessary or get injured. That means I need to make a plan. And that's scary. 

I made running plan and updated my heart beat monitor first time since 2005. I was told that measuring one's practices increases motivation. Might be.  I'm drinking less alcohol and sleeping well. Sad but true but that I can feel it next day if I have had more than one glass of wine. 

I've been missing a life with routines and a practice with a goal. I've already signed in two competitions next summer. It makes a great deal to know that each step has a purpose!

I'm very determinated person but that characteristic has caused me various problems in my life.

I tend to do things no matter what to achieve something I had decided at some point. It's not all that bad thing, but sometimes it's best to give up and have new goals. The old ones might expire. 

That's why I'm suspicios with training program. I'm ready to give running plenty of time but not all the time. I also don't want to take things too seriusly. The point of running is that it's fun.

Let's see how I'll do. At least I have one of the best places to train.  

Rovaniemi is a small town but it has lots to give to sporty people. I prepared to do my Saturday morning workout on snowy trails. It has been snowing few days now. Someone had been there already before me and made the trails ready. That's funny. I know that many people do trailrunning here (I belong to Facebook community) but I never see anyone. 

Sometimes I miss bigger cities and their vividness, but then I remember the times when I have lived in bigger cities. It seems that I appreciate direct access to the nature and all my activities so much that I have chosen to have very limited cultural and social life. 

On the other hand maybe it's best to stay in forests. My warderobe has only few pieces of clothes that I can wear in public, thanks to Kon Mari -method. The other day I almost bought a new jacket but then I found a good pair of xc-skis. I wouldn't have had time to wear the new jacket anyway.