Ylläs Fell by Fell: Kuertunturi

Ylläs has seven fells. The village Äkäslompolo is called The Village of Seven Fells. There is also a hostel called 7 Fells Hostel. Lucky number seven. 

It's a sin that I've been only in Kesänkitunturi, Yllästunturi and Kukastunturi. All fells are easily accessible and this April there will be a 12-hours competition called Seven Summits. The idea is to conquer all or just some of the fells by skis. I'd participate if I'd have have skis suitable for that. Too bad that during our two nights trip we already brought five different snowboards, three pairs of xc-skis, snowshoes and three big Ikea-bags full of equipments. There is simply no place for another pair of skis unless we buy a bigger car. 

However, I'm planning to conquer all the fells at some point with different methods. 

We started this week in best possible way by going to Ylläs to see our friends. It was super nice to be there with someone and not just two of us! We are still discovering how to ride with Ilahu-boards, so we took them with when we went to explore Kuertunturi. Kuertunturi is gently sloping compared to the other fells around there. That's why there is a snowshoeing route to the top. It's easygoing route and I think everybody can walk to the top. The trail to the top was crowded with people of which we Finnish-speakers were minority. The route starts right behind the chapel, so you don't  need a car to get there. The starting point is only few minutes walk from Jounin kauppa.

The day was the most beautiful one can have on February. Kuertunturi was covered by powder snow. It was just perfect for snowsurfing, and I think I finally learned how to control the board. There is one spot just before the top that has perfect angle for snowsurfing. 

I'm super sensitive to cold weather and was scared that I had put too little clothes on. It's always windy at the top. Luckily the sun was warming us, it almost felt like spring. It's surprisingly warm in the forests, especially if you're trying to move in deep snow. 

P.S. In addition of multiple fells Ylläs has long trails for cross-country skiing (more than 300K, of which 38K come with lights). I'd describe the routes smooth. They are not as harsh as the ones in Ounasvaara. Sorry no pictures of xc-skiing because I was so fast!