Where the Snow Is

Oh-my-god. I thought there is lots of snow in Rovaniemi and above, but in Rukatunturi there is even more. The sun has to do lots of work to get rid of it before June. 

I broke my knee the other day and we have to slow down a bit our adventures. I'd put it in this way: Movement is my drug, so I am in rehab now. The first step is to invent activities that I can do without bending my knee, because substitutes are good, right? Some already planned trips we might have time to do before I need to go to operation, but some of them we might have to calibrate. Hiking trips might become road trips. But who knows. Maybe my abilities of recovery are inhuman. I wish.

However, it will be my turn now to take photos. It's fun to learn to use camera, but it's also little inconvenient to try to do what your partner is already mastering. Let's see how this works. In Ruka I already managed to take some photos!

Ruka is the only big fell and ski resort in Finland that doesn't geographically belong to Lapland county.  Ruka is still a northern place with all the northern benefits of snow, proper fells and fine restaurants. The fell arises 500 meters above sea level. For xc-skiers there is 500 km of trails, for those still in love with slopes there are 29 from where to pick. We did not have time to check the backcountry but for sure there is plenty of places waiting to be discovered. Oulanka National Park is also near. We keep that in mind when planning our summer.

Anssi has been in Ruka many times, but my last memory of it is from 1990's. The place had changed a lot since that. Compared to fell Lapland area (the areas of Kittilä, Enontekiö, Muonio and Kolari and their fells Levi, Olos, Pallas and Ylläs) the area of Ruka has versatile and variable shapes of ground. It definitely has a very different spirit than than in Ylläs or in Pyhä, in where we have been a lot recently. I like them all, though.

We did a quick visit to Ruka to see people having their holidays. Weeks 8 and 9 and are holiday weeks in the southern parts of Finland and most of the fell and ski centres are full of people. One has to queue to get a lift. Ruka is the first centre when you come here from South, so I guess it is therefore the easiest place to stop and stay. 

I like what I see is happening in North Finland. It seems that there is more and more people every year. My nearby supermarket has been full of Asian people all this week. Whilst the rest of the country is almost in recession, tourism is doing very well. It's no wonder. This is awesome place to visit even for those who are not as outdoor-oriented as us.

The very best thing to do here at this time of year is to go out right after breakfast and stay there until late afternoon. After that open a cold beer and go to sauna. Then eat, sleep and repeat.