An Icy Pool of My Own

We have done a trip to Anssis cute little cabin many times in winter time, but only in our discussions.

The plan has been to go there and make a hole in the ice and dip in there. This should be done in between your sauna sessions. I have voted the sauna of Anssis cabin to be the best in the world. It's tiny, with no water pipes nor electricity. The steam is perfectly balanced: not too dry, but not too humid either. 

We finally had time to go there on a vaporous and gray Saturday few weeks ago. The weather had done ups and downs past days, so the snow was hard and the cover was slippery. These foggy winter days are mystical. I expected to see some ravens to fly on the sky (but I did not).

Going to the cabin in winter time is hard work – especially to Anssi. He made the hole in the ice and he made the fire for the sauna and for the cabin. It takes hours before the cabin is warm, so I stayed indoors with my thickest jacket drinking hot chocolate. There is no electricity in this place.

At winter time, all of my energy goes to staying warm. Anssi is the opposite. He's the kind of guy who never feels cold. 

It's because of this why I have tried to find ways to boost my ability to sustain cold. In Rovaniemi there used to be a public ice swimming place somewhere along Kemijoki and near Pöykkölä. One could rent a key to the changing room-cabin with very affordable amount of money and have access to the icy water of Kemijoki. One year I figured that if I start to go there on a regular basis, I eventually become resistant to cold.

I can tell you now that it doesn't work like that. 

The water in Sinettäjärvi wasn't actually too bad. The most demanding part was to walk to the hole. The water is low near the beach, so we needed to make the hole quite far from the sauna. My feet were super cold even though I had Crocs. Crocs are the official cabin shoes and I've started to like them. 

Spring makes me very tired and exhausted every year. It has very physical effect on me. The amount of daylight increases so suddenly that it takes away my already nonexistent ability to sleep. First you wait the sun for six months and when it comes back, you cannot take it. 

I'm like a zombie most of the time. In addition I have been working very longs days at work. All this tiredness makes me sensitive to noises. Generally speaking, I cannot stand for anything unnecessary in my life. At spring time even less. Every crick and crack feels annoying. The other night after my late night shift I was irritated to our fridge. In my opinion it was murmuring.

Therefore I feel relief in places like Anssis cabin where the only noise comes from nature. Silence and simplicity is a killer combination.