Girls Having Fun in Ounasvaara

Girls Having Fun in Ounasvaara

According to my horoscope I should be a diehard city person.  But look where I live! I know there is a tiny, charming city centre somewhere between our home and Ounasvaara.

Ounasvaara is the real mecca to me. It's the reason why I can live here. It's near and easily accessible. I mean I love boulangeries, cafeterias, big libraries and the feeling when there is million people around you but you can still be totally alone. But what I love even more is that my everyday life is simple and economical in the sense of time. I don't want to spend my precious moments in public transportation or on my way to somewhere. I rather be somewhere - like recently on xc-skiing trails of Ounasvaara. 

The past weeks have treated me badly. I broke my knee and the groins from both of my legs were sore many days. Yet again it was the most difficult thing to admit that I really need to rest. Not only one, but many days. Such a little have I learnt of myself. However, after sleeping and eating enough I felt that I'm ready to go. A dear friend of mine came to visit me from Oulu, and we decided to have girls weekend on xc-skiing trails. 

With one knee I can only swim, do upper body bodybuilding (not) or do classic style xc-skiing. Therefore we did only classic skiing twice a day. This remains me of time when the elements of my life were just training, eating, sleeping, napping and giggling with this same lady. The difference is that fifteen years ago I came along with half of the rest and sleep of what I need nowadays.

My friend came to Rovaniemi because the ground is flat in her hometown, Oulu. In Ounasvaara it most definitely is not. My friend is a tough as hell and a multi-athlete-super-human and wanted to challenge her arms and endurance. I tried my best to follow her.

Long downhill from Isorakka (a place in Ounasvaara) to Sierijärvi (another place in there) is exactly as long uphill to the opposite way. It is not very steep, though. But there are steep uphills and downhills, too. For those who are not multi-athlete-super-humans or just stupid and stubborn (like I), there are lots of easier and shorter trails. Most of the xc-trails in Ounasvaara come with lights, so the end of daylight doesn't prevent you going there. Also, many people do xc-skiing with a headlamp.

I normally carry headlamp almost everywhere. We always have it in our car in case someone gets a sudden urge to go to the forest in dark. I wish the headlamp could also lighten the gloomy thoughts that I'm having of my knee.

Ounasvaara is not only for xc-skiing. Actually, I did not skied there until February. The winter trails are open in the forest and it is a wonderful place also for winter running. And walking or snowshoeing, if you wish to advance slowly. I never do. 

I had similarish sport theme weekend last summer with the same friend of mine. In summer we learned to ride downhill trails with our mountain bikes. The sport was different but the feelings after were exactly the same. I'd love to train more often with another person. I also feel that the very essentials of live are covered when I can do sport, sleep, eat and discuss about important topics.

The important topics haven't changed much since 1999. We still talk about our heart rate monitors and boys. 

P.S. Can anyone tell me why all the women's sportswear is either pink or covered with pictures of butterflies or flowers?