Late Winter Fatbike Cruisin'

The week has been chilly here in Lapland. We even had minus degrees. It means that snow is still hard and can take your weight – and the weight of your fatbike, too. So, if you wish to spend your day outdoors, we have an idea for you.

We were in Pyhätunturi last weekend. We did sport so much that Anssi needed to lie in bed two days after that. We spent the mornings riding fatbikes and went to the fells in the evenings. In my dream life I spend all of my days like that. 

Artturi from Bliss Adventure let us borrow his fatbikes. We had tried fatbikes last time at the beginning of winter in Ylläs, when we tried to ride on the fresh snow. Now the situation was pretty much the opposite: the winter is almost over, but there still is wet snow in the forests. If the thermometer drops below zero during the night, the following mornings are perfect for a little bike ride. We had something in between: we could easily ride on the forest trails, but in open areas the snow was about to be too soft. 

If you want to ride a fatbike on a softish snow, lower the pressure from the wheels. The grip becomes better and your nerves appreciate.

Riding a bike in national park is permitted in Finland. Mountainbikers and state officials have a debate over the issue regularly, but so far there is only few national parks in which riding a bike is allowed in certain routes. One of them is Pyhä-Luosto National Park, in which there is a nine kilometer route that goes through the forest and crosses a beautiful swamp. The route is very beautiful also in summer, actually any time of the year.

Funny thing. Last summer I walked the route with a friend of mine and we found a man listening a radio with headphones in the birdwatcher's tower in the middle of the swamp. I asked if he is listening a bird program. That would have made sense, as he was also watching birds with binoculars. Well no. He was listening to a direct broadcast of a rally that was taking place somewhere in southern Finland. 

We ride two hours in Saturday morning and three in Sunday morning. It was lovely to ride on bike outdoors for a very long time.

I think we both are looking forward to start the mtb-season 2016 as soon as possible. We have already brought our bikes home from their winter home. Here they are with me and my broken knee in our living room.