Slush Is The New Powder

Gone are the days of fluffy powder. Gone was the sun, too, when we went to say goodbyes to winter season 2016. Pyhä Ski Resort asked us to cover their Instagram account over the weekend and we said yes. 

I'd describe myself very pragmatic what comes to weather. To me it's just a question of my flexibility: I let the nature decide what kind of sport I can do today, and then I'll do it. To Anssi it's different because the better the weather, the more outstanding photos he's able to take. 

It's not just the photos. To me making a performance of sport is routine. An act that belongs to my everyday life like eating. The significant other wants every action to be An Experience.

When you live here enough time you'll eventually become a heavy user of weather forecasts. But even so, the weather can be anything. We were supposed to have a sunny weekend, but we only saw one sad and small piece of blue sky in Sunday evening. We waited that for eight hours and when it came, we were indoors eating hot dogs. 

Ohwell. I like the calmness and the stillness of grey weather. I think I hear the sounds of nature better. This time of year the birds are already singing and you can hear them from far. I have no idea what birds they are, but it's always nice to have them back.