Five Tips For Your Trip to North Cape

Five Tips For Your Trip to North Cape

1. Don't jump nor drop off from a cliff. Jus't don't. You're so small and they are so big and so kind that they'll let you walk on them. When we were in Bali last May we saw how big wave ate a teenager boy from a cliff. The boy was taking a selfie. He drowned. So don't be stupid and love yourself.

2. The roads are icy. Drive safely and have proper tires. If only you can, go to northern Norway by your own car. It gives you freedom to take breaks in breathtaking landscapes. In these parts of the world car is a kind of obligatory thing to have. 


3. Take pictures. Your memory will fail you anyway. 

4. Smell and listen. The sea and its breeze, of course. 

5. Check the sky before going to bed. If you're lucky, it'll give you the best show.

Have your Wednesday with good vibes.