Mountainbiker's Tromsø

Mountainbiker's Tromsø

To us Finnish mountainbikers Norway seems to be The Place  - and other way around. Last year we saw more Norwegian than Finnish mountainbikers in Levi Bike Park. This year we haven't visited any bike park together, because we have rather gone to Norway. 

These pictures are from last May, when we did a trip to Ersfjord, a little village situated approximately 20 kilometres from Trømso to west. I found the forgotten draft and decided to post it with new message, because during Trømso Skyrace I realized that you can use almost same trails for trail running and mountainbiking (after all, it's called MOUNTAIN biking). The problem is to find the trails suitable for your level. 

We use a mobile application called Trailforks to find the trails. Or, boys do, I just follow and try to stay behind them. In practise it means that I end up trying downhills that are too steep and demanding for me. Yet I figured that my feet are easier to conduct than a mountain bike, so I must try the trails with my running shoes next time. Must try all the trails in area! 

The blue and green (Trailforks) trails in Skibotn are my favourite ones right now, as I can race them without fearing to die. But there are dozens of trails from where to choose for every level. 

So, if you're planning to go to Norway, it's better to take all of your sport equipment with you. It's is the place to do everything, as you'll see later.