A Roadtrip That Never Happened

A Roadtrip That Never Happened

Every trip is not a success. Sometimes you don’t even get a chance to make it one.

On Instagram we want to share our peak moments in order to show you how wonderful it is to be outdoors, because life is better there. Our aim is to make you go out, and sense even the smallest blow of wind. To smell the morning mist and feel tiny in the middle of nowhere.

Surely everything is better if you have to make an effort for it. Therefore we try to avoid going to places by car. For sure it is necessary to drive somewhere sometimes, but for us climbing and making it physical is part of the magic. You get the point. 

But still, everything might not go as planned, like in this summer.

We bought a van, because we planned to do this big road trip to Alps. Unfortunately, our van turned out to be a difficult kind of, and we ended up spending more energy on it (and on everything else that was going on in our lives) than planning our trip. We never made it to the Alps.

We booked one week trip to Mallorca instead.

It was a good one.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s sometimes better to take the easy way.