Mallorca 5/5

Mallorca 5/5

1/5: Weather. Not a single day was cloudy, and if I've understood right, it's pretty much sunshine from April to October, when the season is on. Winter months are from October to March, but from Finnish perspective temperature is still warm. 

2/5: Easy & Cheap. From our perspective Mallorca is near. Flight time from Helsinki is only three and a half hours. Our direct return flights costed 166 euros per person, but we know there are cheaper ones too.

The flight time is eight and a half hours less than a night train from Rovaniemi to Helsinki. Grrr... I think "distance" is a psychological term anyways. 

3/5: Accommodation. Our friend who lives in Mallorca at the moment told us about his friend's hostel. We stayed in Pension Bellavista, a cosy hostel situated along a peaceful street near the beach of Port de Pollensa. There were cats and dogs and easy going people who smiled. The owner rescued a kitten during our stay. Someone had found this baby cat from a pile of waste and brought it to Coloma, the owner. I hope the baby cat is ok.

The only vegan/vegetarian restaurant is connected to the hostel, and you can buy drinks from there and enjoy them on hostel's big terrace. If you require a soul from you accommodation, this is your place in northern Mallorca. 

4/5: Sport. Don't be content with touristic sandy beaches. Go to the mountains. There are lots of hiking trails and hidden beaches. Every hotel/hostel offers maps and some of the routes are marked. Renting a cycle is a good deal: it's cheap and there are cycle shops everywhere. Also cyclist are everywhere, maybe because many roads have special line for cyclist. For mountainbikers the place doesn't offer much as the ground on trails and mountains are covered with the most sharpest stones. Anssi got six stitches to his hand when he fell down when walking slowly. So beware!

5/5: Mountains. They never disappoint you.