And Then Came Summer

Some of you might think that summer is over, but let me tell you: it has just started. We have been on holidays for four days, mainly sleeping. We did that until we reached a point after which sleeping wasn't funny anymore.

Our apartment has been surrounded by roadworks since early spring, and I haven't been able to have proper sleep ever since the construction noise started. I try to remember that the construction is all for good purpose and will eventually serve all people in Rovaniemi.

So, rather unsurprisingly, we went to Anssi's summer cabin to practise resting comprehensively. There the construction noise was replaced by deep and piercing sighs of a cuckoo in otherwise silent forest.

This summer has been warm up here and water in lakes and rivers is warm. I have done open water swimming couple of times this year and right now it's my favourite recovery exercise. Compared to rocky trails it's gentle and allows more mistakes. Stumbling on trails normally means injuring yourself, but in water you just pretend that nothing ever happened and carry on. 

Sauna is part of the deal when you swim outdoors in here. Or at least it is mandatory for me. The little sauna at Anssi's place is the best I know. It's small, a little bit gloomy but nevertheless sympathetic and perfectly steamy. Every time I think of sauna I think of it.

Tempo of cabinlife is low and the day consists of little achievements, like cooking and making coffee. All nasty but normal things, like laundry and unpaid bills, become distant. Do they even exist? I'd describe that to be more than a good-value swap. At home I must push myself to get rid of my thoughts (of things not yet done) but in a cabin... I couldn't care less. 

In there I mostly care of nature (is there still enough daylight for reading at 11 pm? What fishes are in the lake? Are there yet some mushrooms to pick? ). And of course there is late-summer breeze that makes me exited every year. Every August is to me like going to school the very first time (which of course was and still is wonderful).

The best part of August is its smell. These late summer nights have a special odour. It's fresh, sharp and symbolises everything new. 

P.S. Next post will be something totally new. At least for me!