Last Time

Can you remember last time when you've slept outdoors?

If not, your time has come. Suomen Latu has challenged everybody to sleep outdoors on Saturday 17th of September. 

If sleeping in a van counts, my last night outdoors was during our previous trip to Norway. Actually, we participated this challenge of sleeping a night outdoors when we're in Senja at 3rd of September. Norwegian's version of the challenge, Natt i naturen, was on. 

Thing is, I'm super exponentially sensitive to cold. I only make it through winters because I'm mastering layers (merino wool, silk wool, alpaca wool, wool, things filled with down) and planning my routes and days ahead, so I know every morning how many minutes I must stay outdoors. It's not bad if you can move – running or going to backcountry is never a problem – but if you're coming back from a grocery store in January and your partner, who has the keys, decides to check something from the car and after that takes a call before letting you in the house, and all you can do is just stand and wait, I freeze so badly that I'll shiver hours after. Therefore I have never seriously considered sleeping outdoors after summer is gone. 

Times are about to change, I promise.

However, it's not the coldest time of the year yet. The autumn nights are dark here in Arctic Circle, but they aren't freezing yet. Anybody who has a proper sleeping bag and a tent, a balcony, whatever, can participate. If you're lucky, the magic fox in the sky might wag its tail and give you a show of norther lights. 

P.S. If you are sensitive like me, but have found your ways to sustain cold, please let me know!

Suom: No meinaatko nukkua ulkona lauantain ja sunnuntain välisenä yönä? Suosittelen! Se kannattaa varsinkin tähän aikaan vuodesta näillä perukoilla, kun saa herätä oranssiin mutta kuuralla kuorrutettuun maailmaan. Jos on liian kylmä nukkua, tuleepa nähtyä auringonnousu.