Playtime (Senja)

Playtime (Senja)

The recovery from my knee operation went faster than I dared to wish. It's not perfect yet, but it doesn't limit my activities much. I was able to ran three trail half-marathons this summer and my legs felt fine. I've one more to go, as I'll participate Vaarojen maraton (Marathon of Dangers) this weekend in Koli National Park in eastern Finland. My friend wasn't able to participate, and I thought why not to try a full marathon.

So, my first 43 kilometres, yay! I wish I'm able to make it to the finish line without injuries. And yes, I know marathon is 42 kilometres, but on trails the whole concept of distance is flexible. 

Our previous trip to Senja was an excellent opportunity to practise my weakest field, downhill running. Northern Norway is full of ups and downs covered with incredible single tracks and landscapes.  I'm not sure if I love sports because it's a good excuse to visit wonderful places, or if it's the opposite. 

I'm reading Christopher McDougall's Born to Run at the moment, and it kind of gave me the inspiration to go to Koli in such a short notice. To be honest I've been reading it something like six months already. I've this habit of reading multiple books simultaneously and pick the one from my desk that suits my mood the best. I can drop a book for years or months, keep it in mind, and go back to it when the moment is right.

It's all about timing. 

What I've learned so far from McDougall: That us humans have amazing capacity, in most cases undiscovered, to move with our bodies and that running is about being able to enjoy. This is why I've started to do same as one of my biggest idol Emelie Forsberg when I don't feel like doing a scheduled workout: I'll do something else (find more inspirational stories of amazing female athletes from this cool article). Joy should be the force. Let's see how it works in Koli. 

Wish me luck!

P.S. Fellow trail activists: You can find me from Strava (Anna Ruohonen) and from Movescount (annaelisa). 


Suom: Kuuden tunnin ajomatka Kolille, yli kuuden tunnin juoksu ja heti perään kuuden tunnin ajomatka takaisin Rovaniemelle. Annan ja Anssin käsitys vapaasta viikonlopusta.