On a Nature Day, Let's Go to...

Finland celebrates its 100 year of independence this year, and the celebration has already started. 

This Saturday is one of the four official Nature Day's in Finland, and what could be a better way to spend it as somewhere in the middle of snowy forests? The day is officially dedicated to enjoying the snow, snowstorms, northern lights, and the end of the polar nights. My educated guess (based on weather forecasts) is that we'll be enjoying only the snow and the end of polar nights. 

Our contribution to the anniversary celebration is to inspire you to go and be active on Lapland's fells and other extraordinary places. This weekend you'll find us from Pyhätunturi, where we'll participate Bättre Folk i fjällen festival. So, in addition of snow, the weekend will be full of good music and some literature. My fave combo.

Let's say hi if we pass – I don't know where exactly we'll be, but at some point I must get Lapland's e best veggie hotdog from the restaurant Pyhä Wurst.

One more thing... High five for the great idea to celebrate nature in a country where forests cover 71,6 per cent of the surface. We definitely have some nature to celebrate! 

Suom: Wurstin hodarit...mmmmm.