Xc-Skiing Trance in Pikku-Syöte

Xc-Skiing Trance in Pikku-Syöte

Time to be spontaneous and travel outside Lapland!

I was honoured to be a bridesmaid to my dear friend last fall, and at the end of the wedding she handed me an envelope that included a gift card to Hotel Pikku-Syöte, a ski resort approximately two hours drive from Rovaniemi to south. How generous is that! In addition of the usual winter activities, the place is known for its cycling and mountain biking facilities, which also function during wintertime. We saw at least dozen fatbike riders cruising on winter trails. My friend is an ambitious (road) cyclomaniac and I think she wished I'd go there and become one too, but unfortunately all that aerodynamics is still too much for me. Thanks for the thought, though!

Pikku-Syöte and its neighbouring ski resort Iso-Syöte are situated in Northern Ostrobothnia just outside geographical area of Lapland. Located far from the sea, the place is also known as one of the snowiest areas in Finland. We dedicated our weekend to cross-country skiing, and there's about 120 kilometres of trails around Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte. 

Sunny days have been a rare treat this year, and when Saturday came, I was more than happy to notice that it came with the sun. Lots of it. Yet again I needed to use my well-developed manipulating skills to get always sleepy Anssi on trails immediately after breakfast. The sun shined through the day, and we really got the springy feeling. It's finally here! We chose to ski only easy xc-trails and oh my! Compared to the trails in our lovely but curvy home town, there really were some smooth and flat trails. Even more than we had time to ski! I was secretly happy to notice how xc-related inspiration rate arose inside Anssi and he was eventually so xc-tranced that he informed me that he'll participate Arctic Circle Ski Marathon with me on the coming weekend. Success. 

Xc-skiing is the sport that has caused trauma for many during the early school years. Everybody needs to do that, no matter what kinds of equipments you have. It's never been problem to me, but I totally understand all of those who had bad skies and who wore too many clothes and sweat pain and disguise. It's a total money-sport, you can buy comfort and speed. Though endurance has to be earned, and trails are free to use (in most of the places). 

So, next weekend it's time to take part to a little test and to find out if we have any endurance or not. We completed approximately 50 km's during two days at Pikku-Syöte. Next weekend we'll try to push us through the same amount of kilometres during one day, when 50 km's Arctic Circle Ski Marathon race takes place. This will be the first time when we'll be racing together. Let's see how it goes!

Suom: Mä vaan hiihdän. Ja säkin, ehkä.