Easy Access Backcountry Spot: Luosto + Ilahu = <3

If you ask me, I could dedicate this blog for analysing weather. The absolute value of outdoor sports doesn't lie in weather conditions, but one perfect day pays back a hundred grey ones. Alas there aren't many marks on my personal weather diary of perfect powdery conditions in season 2016–2017. But this is one.

Where: Backcountry hills of Luosto, just behind the front slope's lift. Hike to the top, slide down, and take the same way back. Luosto Ski Resort is situated an hour and 15 minutes drive from Rovaniemi to north-east. For some reason we hadn't explored the backcountry before, but now when we've fixed this injustice, we'll definitely return. 

Level: Easy!

Equipments: Anssi took his Ilahu board and snowshoes, but I chose our splitboard. When I say "our" I mean Anssis that is adjusted for me. It's a bit too big in every terms to me, but I can manage. The thermometer showed –10 celsius degrees in the morning in Rovaniemi, and because it had been snowing a lot during the previous days, the conditions were supposed to – and they were – perfect. However, we both made an amateur mistake and put far too many clothes on, but that was easily fixed. Spring sun warms surprisingly well. 

How: We picked a ready made snow trail that starts just behind the parking lot and next to the front slope of Luosto Ski Resort. The trail was done almost to the top, and it was until very late when Anssi actually needed his snowshoes. Surprisingly the downhill directly behind the main slope was untouched, and we could leave our marks on fresh snow. The forecast told us that the sun will start to shine at 2 pm, and so it did! Before that we had already spent a couple of slowly hours hiking to the top. 

Costs: Gas and effort (means cheap but cool).

...and the most important part:

Food: I made sun dried tomato hummus filled sandwiches, but we also brought our fave energy bars Clif Bars (white chocolate almond are the best), juice, and Oatly's chocolate drinks. Before leaving the place we had pizzas at restaurant Vaisko. One could say that the day was indeed energetic. However, I had an intense xc-skiing week behind me and the more the week developed, the more hungry and lack of energy I felt constantly (I even had to woke up in the middle of some nights to eat because my hunger prevented me sleeping).  

Next weekend we'll go to another new place to the middle of Finland's national landscape. I'll also start telling you more about our equipments and why we prefer certain things over other, so stay there! 

Suom: Ravintola Kerttuli on nykyään Vaisko. Muutos, se on ikuista.