Outdoor Kitchen: What Do You Need for Two Day's Trip?

Outdoor Kitchen: What Do You Need for Two Day's Trip?

Some of us eat to stay alive, but some of us are here to eat. We obviously belong to the latter category: We both love food and think (and eat) of it a lot. 

When preparing our trips our distribution of work is settled: I take care of food and Anssi almost everything else. I wish that would be the case at our home, too... However, we did a short, one-night and two day's hiking trip to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park last weekend and decided to share our food plan with you. This is an easy and fast but not the lightest example set of food for a short hike, and every item can be found from a grocery store.

Some hikers weight their stuff carefully, but we didn't find it purposeful for such a short trip. A few kilos more weight in backpacks makes it just a better exercise, and Anssi's backpack is huge enough to carry everything. 

Generally, I've found all kinds of veggie stuff handy when travelling. We travel a lot with a van and normally spend long times without electricity and opportunity to use a fridge. Dairy products go bad fast, as do all the products from animal world. Even though we occasionally eat game meat at restaurants, we never buy meat to home, so that's not an issue for us. However, all dairy products are easily replaced. Instead of cheese, we pack a huge containers of hummus and instead of milk we choose oat/almond/soya milk. Then bread, avocados, fruits, nuts... Options are various.

This time we actually needed to carry all the food with us, so I made everything as ready as possible – which pretty much meant that we bought ready-made meals. Our two persons team consumed the following amount of food during our one night hike:

Lunch in our van before starting the hike:

For breakfast:

  • One Oatly's oat milk, just because Anssi needs it to go with his coffee. 
  • Two bananas
  • Two decilitres of dry oats for morning porridge 
  • Two baby food smoothies to go with porridge
  • 100 grams of almonds 
  • Coffee + coffee maker

For dinner:

In addition: 

  • Two more sandwiches
  • Two Clif Bars
  • Two veggie pies 
  • Five bottles of water (app. five litres)

I'm almost embarrassed of the amount! I know I could easily be the founder of  this "girls who eat" -wave, but I have to say, that I haven't eaten before a whole packet of fresh pasta all by my self. I think they're supposed to serve two persons – and I had it with falafels and sauce. Well, it was yummy, and according to my Suunto Ambit3 I consumed 3000 kcal during our trip. 

I thought there would be lots of leftovers from this trip, but I was wrong. The only things that we didn't eat were one Clif Bar and seven almonds. I even underestimated the amount of water, but fortunately there was a small stream nearby from where we could refill. To melt snow would have been another option, but it's surprisingly laborious and slow process, so we rather carried the water. 

We stayed in reservable Nammalakuru Wilderness hut which included a gas cooker, so we didn't have to prepare the meals in open fire. Basic cooking equipments are also there, but we nevertheless brought our own pan, a wooden ladle, a coffee maker and a knife. 

Next post will be more detailed description of our trip itself. Nammalakuru is a beautiful and easily reachable place that deserves its own post!

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