Three Easy Tops in Kvaløya

Even though it might seem that the season is over, it will continue at least until June in Kattfjord, a valley in Kvaløya, northern Norway.

From Kattfjord you'll find plenty wonderful tops and hills to discover for many future trips. Where ever you look from the bottom of the valley you'll see mountain tops of different heights and levels. On Easter, and I guess during the spring time, you'll find little tent camps from the bottom of the valley from where people go and discover the surrounding mountains. There are multiple parking lots along the road to leave your car, and they're free. For curiosity: there's a portable pop up sauna cabin in one of the parking lots at least over the Easter. 

The boys managed to collect as much vertical metres in three days as what Kilian Jornet climbed in one  day. We checked Kilian Jornet's Instagram stories from the same days and found that he was somewhere in Norway doing the same activities on a totally different level. His vertical meters give perspective – but so do these mountains!  


Height: 802 m above sea level

Total ascent: 800m

Time: 2–3 hours climb + ride down

Location: 69°42'21.0"N 18°38'49.3"E

Level: Rather easy climb despite a few challenging spots in the middle and at the end. 

Where to park car: There are multiple parking areas next to the E8 road near the starting point.

Special: The elevation starts from sea level by the sea. This hill is popular among locals.


TVERRFJELLET (aka Girl's Hill)

Height: 525m

Total ascent: 425m – 100 meters more than Finland's best known slope in Levi, which has 325m height difference.

Time: 1-3 hours. Our four person's crew completed the climb approximately in an hour. 

Location: 69°38'45.2"N 18°28'25.8"E

Level: Very easy, slightly more steep from the top.

Where to park car: There's a parking area next to a bridge directly on the opposite side of the starting point.

Special: Very easy slope and suitable for all – one of us did this with snowshoes only, meaning that she walked also down. The view is great from the top. The track down is wide and there's a lot of space to ride. More advanced hikers can continue from the top towards Middagstinden, which arises 1006 meters above the sea level. 

What else: Anssi and Otto hiked this hill also a year ago, and even though we try to avoid certain gender generalisations here behind the screen, it was notable that the boys only passed girls during that trip. Therefore Tverrefjellet was chosen as an after ski hill for the end of another sunny day for all of us, because in addition to boys, there were one beginner and one sniffling and pregnant woman in the group.

Tverrefjellet is on the right-hand side, in front of a half-frozen fjord.

Tverrefjellet is on the right-hand side, in front of a half-frozen fjord.



Height: 784m

Total ascent: 634m

Time: 2-3 hours hike

Location: 69°38'58.5"N 18°29'36.6"E

Level: Quite easy!

Special: There are two different routes to the top, of which we chose the one that starts near from Tverrfjellet's routes parking area. The ride down goes on mountain's north face, so the snow stays good for long. Very beautiful ride especially in evening light. 


Suom: Norjalaisen nyppylä on suomalaisen vuori.