The Scenic Route of Andøya

The biggest and probably the only disparity in our relationship is the following: Anssi has been in Lofoten many times, but me – never. Before this trip I made a request, that maybe we should go to those Instagram-islands now. My driver didn't approve, but he found this amazing island from the northern top of Lofoten's archipelago, and took me there.

I can't complain. 

We arrived to the island of Andøya by a ferry from Senja, reaching the island's northern top's Andenes in two hours. For one big mobile car and two persons the trip costed 184 euros, but we counted that driving there would have costed as much, and we'd have lost some valuable hiking time. So we took a ferry.

Norwegian Scenic Route of Andøya runs along the outer edge of Andøya between Bjørnskinn and Andenes, a total distance of 58 km. Those 58 kilometres should be driven in slow speed, making as much stops as needed. Beautiful sceneries are everywhere. It's either white sandy beaches and turquoise water of the Arctic Ocean, or drastic mountains, that arise sharply from the ground. Right after the small and cute town of Andenes, directly by the sea and a beach, there's a camping area equipped with all kinds of necessary services for caravanners. We used the opportunity to do a little bit of cleaning, but continued driving 20 km's to south to Stave Camping, where we stayed two nights.  

For a trailrunner the island is a paradise: after gaining some sharp vertical metres, one can run smoothly on the meadowy mountain tops. Along the scenic route there are many signs of routes to tops, and on that island, you have many tops where to choose. The most spectacular and famous landscape is probably along the costal trail, that starts nearby Stave Camping and goes 10 kilometres north, all way to the village of Bleik. The trail is filled with secret beaches (ruled by sheeps!) and spectacular views. During the summer months of midnight sun, the most beautiful moments might appear at night time. Personally, I didn't find the trail the easiest, but it might be because I was seven months pregnant. The Norwegians, however, say the trail is easy and suitable also for kids. Have to try it again in a few years!

To sum it up: The island is definitely must-go place, and it's still rather peaceful with decent amount of other people. Perfect for a trailrunning camp, I'd say. 

Suom: Andøya – saari, joka tarjoaa (meri)tuulitukan kaikille.