Insider's Tip: Summertime Lyngen

Northern Norway's Lyngen is not only called the Alps of Northern Norway, it's also a beautiful summer destination for all level of hikers and outdoor activists – but only a few seems to know the place. The best thing is, where ever you look around there, you'll see mountains. Most of them rise more than 1000 meters up from the Arctic Ocean.

Lyngenfjords area, that (surprisingly) includes a place called Lyngen, is geographically quite wide area including all kinds of summer activities. This year we stayed on the top of Lyngen peninsula just nearby the epic and photogenic Lyngstuva. To give perspective to the area's width: The spectacular Kåfjord, that we visited last fall, belongs to the same Lyngenfjord area on its other side. Therefore, when doing your research with tourists guides, pay attention to the distances. 

Our trip was pretty much planned using this new Lyngen travel guide, that includes 25 day trips of all level. The maps include also countour lines and pictures.  We old-fashionably printed it.

In Norwegian travel guides, Lyngstuva is described as "an easy family hike that offers great views and stony beaches", but these instructions are written with Norwegian standards – or otherwise we're super poor hikers, as we couldn't find the trail to the cabin from the end. We lost it even though the trail was described to be "clearly visible". Well, when in Norway, surprising geographical obstacles are part of the deal. However, the peninsula is a wonderful spot to enjoy arctic midsummer and nightless nights in the middle of sea breeze.

Lyngen is a municipality in Northern Norway and it belongs to the region of Troms. The municipality is tricultural, and the original inhabitants were the Sami. The history is shared also in the guideposts in the area; they tell stories about fishing, whales and ancient lifestyles. Maybe because we arrived there with well-equipped motor home and exported food, it was somehow awakening to see the historical pictures that showed the rural conditions of arctic lifestyle from the past. I wouldn't have liked to spend winters there a hundred years ago. 

The real treasure of Lyngen area can be found from a short drive and short-ish walk from Lyngen peninsula. The place and its lake is called Blåvatnet, Bluewater, and it' Very blue. The colour comes from glacial water – Lyngenfjord area includes at least 140 glaciers, that are area's another big attraction. We skipped the glaciers this time, as the early summer had already gave us all the icyness we need.

From the parking lot the distance to the lake is approximately four km's, and it took us one hour to walk there and an another one back. The trail is smooth including zero elevation, but stones slow down walking pace. Shame on the weather god who gave us such a chilly weather, and we couldn't swim in the lake. 

In my opinion, Lyngenfjord area suits best for all kinds of activities done by feet. Reaching Blåvatnet, climbing to one or many of areas peaks, hiking to Lyngstuva or visiting some of the's all easy and compact with good shoes. 

After two days in Lyngen we had to escape the approaching rain, and we ended up to sympathetic island of Senja, from where the ferry took us to the breathtakingly beautiful Island of Andøya.

The roadtrip story continues from there soon.

P.S. Some of the Norwegian gas stations have a free shower. On our way to Senja we used one of those, and oh yes it was very nice to use a shower that actually has a pressure and warm water. We don't know what gas stations have them, I think you just have to walk in and check.

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